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Secure SIM card. Outgoing number substitution service! Unlimited traffic!

Secure International Sim
Secure International Sim
Main characteristics
SKU 2167
Vendor Kripti
Category Secure communication
Features Unlimited traffic. Number substitution service
Lifetime, months 6
Shipment Worldwide free
Price 1422 $
Other currency 1300 ˆ
In stock
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This SIM currently is out of sale. 
Please use this Application instead
Substitution of outgoing Number and Voice
For any numbers in the international format

Protection against wiretappingProtection against wiretapping. A set of measures to maintain encryption

Substitution of the numberSubstitution of the number. Change of outgoing number to any number in any country

Without roamingWithout roaming in all countries of the world. All traffic is included in the subscription fee

Voice substitutionVoice substitution - 7 tonalities. Low to high timbres

Location protectionLocation protection. Unable to get a geolocation via SS7

Short 4-digit numbersShort 4-digit numbers within the group

Secure Sim Card

Maximum protection from wiretapping and interception

Ignoring STEEL commands
SIM card ignores zero-level sms

Secure communications within the network
All traffic inside Kripti network is protected by VPN

Invisible for interception systems
SIM Kripti ignores suspicious base stations

Forced encryption
Prevents your SIM card from lowering the level of encryption. All conversations
encrypted by the algorithm A5.1

Ability to change on request 

Lack of detail
It is impossible to track outgoing and incoming calls from your SIM card

Modifying your voice in real time
It is impossible to identify a subscriber by phonetic characteristics

Number substitution:

Number substitution:  150  X #, "call" key. X - the number that you want to be highlighted in the called subscriber.
Random number replacement:  150  0 #, "call" key.

Voice override:

Voice timbre substitution:  300  X #, where X is a number from 1 to 7, changing voice in different timbres
Real voice setup:  300  0 #
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