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Sim Server solutions for GSM VoIP gateways

simserverThe SIM Server Management solution allows you to choose the best GSM CDMA or 3G operators price plan. All management operations are done from a central site even if your GSM gateways are deployed in several  locations or even across continents. In  addition  to  your  GSM  gateway  solution  architecture,  the  SIM  Server manages the SIM allocation without the need of human intervention by gathering all SIM cards  in a single location.  According to the best rate, IE time of the day, calls are routed to the best SIM card without ever exceeding plans

The SIM Server  brings  all  these  distant  features  to  your office  in  one  manageable  and convenient package. 

•  Save the cost of ‘on site’ technicians   
•  Save on travel expense and time   
•  Save the down time between maintenance  
•  Control and manage from the office The Sim Server allows you to manage  your SIMs from any point of convenience.    
•  Powerful web based management   
•  Multi-criteria  allocation  rules  by  SIM  card group  
•  Dynamic SIM swap  
•  Prepaid SIM card management  
•  Central SIM storage & management 

Control and Supervision of Your SIMs. From Your Office.

The SIM Manager is a solution that enables flexible and convenient storage and management of SIM cards,  for developed networks of mobile gateways. The manager offers virtual allocation of SIM cards via IP from one location to mobile gateways, no matter their location.SIM cards used are virtually stored and managed in a single central server unit. 

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